Feb- End of Term 2 The preschool promotes ‘Enrolment now’. Parents fill out the preschool registration form (or it may be an enrolment form).
Beginning of August Offers of enrolment sent to families residing in the preschool’s local catchment area via letter or email.
August Week 5 Families accept/decline an offer of enrolment and complete the relevant enrolment documentation (if not already completed) and provide any required information.
End of August Orientation sessions for new families and children
Beginning of September Second round of offers are sent out to families for any unplaced children and children residing outside the centre’s local catchment area
October Second orientation session for new children and families.
  Visits are organised for all new children and parents as part of the orientation process.


From term 1 2018 The centre continues to offer places up to the centre’s enrolment cap. Individual or group orientations sessions will take place.
Other information All new families have the opportunity for a personal meeting to find out about the centre prior to enrolment.
There is an opportunity for a campus tour as well for all new families.
Each new child normally has at least two visits prior to starting preschool and multiple visits are welcome.
Throughout the year The centre promotes ‘Enrolment any time’ throughout the year.
Individual interviews Time is spent with each family prior to enrolment as part of the family orientation process and so the parent can find out about the centre.
Once enrolment confirmed The parent completes all required enrolment documentation and provide any required information.
  The child usually has two visits prior to starting at the centre and multiple visits are welcome.


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